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"DESIGN SUTRA" was the theme for the International convention of IFI - 2003 (International Federation of Interior architects) hosted by IIID (Indian Institute of Interior Designers), during3rd December 2003 to 6th December 2003 at National Center of Performing Arts - Mumbai. Over 300 foreign delegates attended the convention congress from 25 countries and over 1500 delegates from India.

The theme of DESIGN SUTRA, the name, the design itself and text was conceived by Architect PREM NATH - Past President of IID 4 years back. IIID as member of IFI won an international bid for hosting IFI convention in India. It was pride for IIID particularly for Architect. Prem Nath who had initiated IIID to IFI in 1995 and again Prem Nath was destined to provide the theme and name to the International Convention of Interior Designers, Architects of the world

Architect Prem Nath of Prem Nath and Associates presented expression of "DESIGN SUTRA" theme during the convention.

Architect Prem Nath of Prem Nath and Associates while speaking on how the concept was derived said, "While exploring the theme and name for the IFI 2003 convention, I had scanned various names and themes of over twenty conventions held during the last 40 years. At the back of my mind I wanted to figure out the name and theme, which was relevant for the context of location (India), and relevant to the work and activity of the members. I was looking for some meaningful name with theme, which should be catchy and memorable".

Architect Prem Nath of Prem Nath and Associates added that as an Architect - Interior designer through his work and studies, he happened to indulge with various allied activities of life including art, culture history, religion, philosophy and he happened to figure out the spiritual aspects, and it is than that Prem Nath stumbled upon the thought process of our ancient Vedic Indians who have left legacy and wealth of Knowledge for us including Vedas, and Shastra, Gita and Kama Sutra.

Some of these Studies had put Architect Prem Nath in a trance particularly when he was at his weekend home near Mumbai - called NIRVANA. For Architect Prem Nath, this is a great place for indulging and exploring the mysteries of life. It was during one of these Trance moods, while exploring the Gita that "DESIGN SUTRA " was evolved.

According to Architect Prem Nath one of the explanations offered in Gita

"The ultimate attainment comes through the Sutra of Life. SUTRA is very simple.
It is concentration, like the Bindu and concentration comes through purity of thought.

That is exactly when Architect Prem Nath realized that his work which is DESIGN, called for concentration oblivious of distractions, and it also called for purity of thought - which brought in a solution for various complex designs, and to which, at the end, solution to the design is always simple. It was this Sutra thought of Architect Prem Nath - combined with Design which became "DESIGN SUTRA".

Architect Prem Nath (Prem Nath and Associates) said, that exploring further, definition of Design in Vedic perception, Design meant KALANIDHI. KALA means art. Most people referred to design as an art. But for Vedic society of Indian art alone was not adequate. Art had to be exquisite, artistic, expressive and endless. Architect Prem Nath further added that Art had to be unique - particularly in our art of architecture and interior design, which is silent - and it had to express in a unique manner - that is NIDHI and hence design was showcased as KALANIDHI with spiritual expression - which spoke for itself. That meant that "DESIGN SUTRA" could be expressed today as " KALANIDHI - SUTRA".

Architect Prem Nath said that hence DESIGN SUTRA meant designing which was always conceived with spiritual concentration with purity of thought offering always solutions, which are simple, to the extent of usage, to the extent of productivity, to the extent of lasting designs rather "everlasting designs".


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